Grab a beer, get comfy. This will be a long post. One night I was draped across my bed in lingerie looking super sexy scrolling through Tinder swiping the boredom away. Ok, ok, obvi I wasn't in lingerie looking like a boudoir pinup. I was in pajamas eating milano cookies because sometimes I am the literal stereotype of a 35 year old single woman. Anyway.

I stop on this selfie of a super hot guy. Like model hot. He's tall, gorgeous, got great abs, and is less than a mile from me. So I swipe right and find out we match. I send him a hello and we have very flirty but not sexual chat. It's silly and funny and there's a good vibe. I was very clear that I am not looking for hook ups but not looking to jump right into something serious either. He said he was on the same page. When I told him about my porn, he didn't flinch or get creepy. He handled it well. We agree to meet up for drinks later that night.

I texted a friend who's also in the adult industry and told her. I sent her a screen shot of his face and profile for safety reasons. She was of course encouraging me to get laid. LOL I was hoping for a connection, fun evening and maybe some kissing. I jumped in the shower and got ready. I couldn't show up to a date in pajamas with yesterday's hair. You may have heard me mention before that I don't have laundry in my apartment. So after I got out of the shower I was like well fuck what am I going to wear? It was still cold out so I wanted to be covered up for the walk to the bar but not so covered it was unsexy or would be hot in a crowded bar. I settled on leggings, a cute top with a thin cardigan over it and flats. Layers are a chubby girl's best friend when you don't know what to expect temperature wise. 

Now if you know anything about Fat Admirers and you just read that I wore leggings on this date you are already chuckling. You might even be cackling, foreshadowing what you knew would happen. Well I had no idea he was a FA. He had complimented my pictures and told me that curvy women are his type but had not said anything else. I meet him and he's so cute. Like "can we just make out out here in front of the bar now instead of going in" hot. I'm a lady so we went into the bar. He is looking at me like the comic strip of the man on the desert island seeing a steak. We get drinks and some snacks and sit and chat for a bit. He compliments me a few times and I'm flattered. The attention from such a hot guy feels nice. His compliments are normal and not overly sexual. It's a decent little neighborhood bar but it soon becomes so crowded we are shouting and it's smoky and hot. We are both having a great time and don't want to part ways yet. I offhandedly mention that I wish they had out door seating so we could take a break. Knowing we live so close to each other and the bar is in the middle, he invites me to his apartment. He is quick to say he has no agenda, it's just for a drink and so we can chat and hang out more. I agreed.

Yeah. I know. This was not safe on my part. I didn't even text my girlfriend and tell her. I just went. Like a giant dumbass. But back to the story. We walk through the snow and get to his apartment. It's NICE. He obviously makes way more money than I do. I am immediately glad I didn't say let's go to my place. I had also just got back from AVN and moved into my apartment so no way I was having him over. He has art he's made, plants that are alive, the place is clean and decorated. I am encouraged by this because he obviously cares about his sense of home even though he travels alot for work.

We are chatting a little but soon start making out. He smells so good and is so hot. I'm melting. I'm enjoying the fuck out of this. THEN HE GRABS MY BELLY. It's like a jolt back to my senses. I'm not ashamed of my body but I am used to a guy gravitating to my breasts if he does any groping. He notices that I notice and asks if that's ok. I explain. He then tells me that he couldn't believe I wore leggings and how hot that was because he loves thick women. Meanwhile he's kissing my neck and his hands are roaming around my belly and my ass and thighs. I can feel how hard he is through his jeans and by the size of the hardness I am not disappointed. So I'm like ok cool. This guy is really turned on by me and this might be fun if I choose to take it any further. I am sitting on his lap on the couch and facing him at this point. I take my top off and he audibly gasps. That's more normal, right? Any guy is into boobs and mine are awesome. Um yeah he plays with them a bit but keeps going back to other parts of my body. I'm still in the leggings because I am trying to set a boundary that this is just making out and he seems fine with that.

Occasionally he does that thing guys do where they roll over while holding you so that they can change who's on top while you're kissing. But he kind of does it alot and like he's enjoying feeling my weight on him or moving my weight. And I'm starting to wonder how much of this is actually about ME and how much is about my plush body. But I'm enjoying myself and so I roll with it. Pun mother fucking intended.

He gets up and walks toward his bedroom holding my hand to lead me. He has a full length mirror, a big one. He stops in front of it and stands behind me, his hardness in his jeans pressed against me, kissing my neck. He pulls my leggings down so that my belly hangs over them in the front but they're still on and touches me all over. Arms, belly, tits, ass, grabbing and touching. He's got this intense and sexy look on his face. The whole thing is surreal and sexy and a little weird. I turn so I'm facing him and we make out walk towards the bed. I take his pants off so he's as exposed as I am in just my leggings. We fall on the bed and eventually I decide to fuck him. I am so turned on and haven't had sex in a while. I am on top of him on his bed, break away from kissing him and ask him if he has condoms. He says yeah. I'm like "Wanna get one?" and he says "Maybe".

Ummmmm.....ok. That's weird. He's super into me but doesn't want to fuck? Maybe he isn't ready to fuck. Maybe we are just gonna do other stuff. I'm horny and want to get off but I'm rolling with the situation. His boxers come off and my suspicion of a big, nicely shaped dick are confirmed. I'm stroking it and kissing him and I move my mouth to his ear and tell him I want to feel him inside me. He can now reach my belly because of how I've moved to whisper in his ear. He says "I love touching your belly while you do that." And that's what we do. In fact, it's ALL we do. He NEVER touches my pussy, even through the leggings. It's like it doesn't even exist. Like if I had taken them off he would have been weird. I am enjoying the kissing but realize I am not getting laid. So I jerk him off while he plays with my tits and belly. He cums EVERYWHERE.

I'm kind of trapped against him because my arm is under his neck. I lay there for easily 2 full minutes covered in cum and awkward silence. Eventually I tell him if he fell asleep I was going to be so mad because I need a towel like yesterday. He gets me one and then we snuggle for a bit. He returns to being a very normal guy. We talk about all kinds of things and he tells me about him being a FA. He feels ashamed of it and hasn't received a positive response from most women so he really enjoyed that experience. I'm like ok cool it was fun but next time you have to get me off too and it's fun but can't be the only thing we do ever. I understand fetishes but I cannot be one. He seems to totally get it and drives me home in his luxury sports car with seats I barely fit in.

If you're guessing that I never heard from him again you're wrong. We did text a bit and hang out one more time but he "Wasn't feeling it". Guess why? Because I reminded him that I do not exist solely to indulge and be his fetish. I did it gently and playfully and nicely. He was never there for me, only for my fat. When he could see my fat, I as a person ceased to exist. That's not ok. If he had been able to reign in his fetish and it wasn't the ONLY thing he wanted we could have really had some fun. Oh well. His loss and a fun story for y'all. LOL

Maybe the next post I will talk about re-finding my own tribe of weirdos...